David Anderson Hill, Inc., provides a full array of residential construction, renovation, and design services. Whether it’s a new home, built with historic components from a salvaged New England barn, an inspiring Timberpeg® post and beam design, a vacation cottage, or a remodeling challenge of any kind, all our projects are distinguished by uncompromising craftsmanship, coupled with maximum energy and cost efficiency.

The result: an exceptional home that far exceeds expectations within any budget.

General Contracting

Together, we will create the home you’ve always dreamed of, in any size or style. Our build / design firm can attend to every detail from the initial creative concept to the final throw pillow. We are dedicated to making your building or remodeling project go smoothly and to producing a final product that is energy efficient, cost efficient, tasteful, and right for you. Whether your plans call for the soaring spaces of a timber frame, a conventional wood-frame, or the reassembly of an antique barn frame, we will bring together the finest building team for your project. Our contacts are cultivated from more than 30 years of building in the Northeast and include everything from energy-efficiency experts and landscapers to plaster craftsman and high-end cabinetmakers. Through foresight, communication, and flexibility we are committed to completing your project on time and on budget.

Residential Design & Color Consultation

Whether we design your home from scratch, work in collaboration with your architect, or start with completed plans, our innovative design solutions allow us to make the most out of your building budget. Our hallmark is identifying which features will create the biggest impact – in terms of both your enjoyment and your investment. Extensive experience in both building and design allows us to understand how to best actualize what is drawn on the blueprint – we’ll know before the walls are up and the windows are ordered if a small adjustment is required to make the plans work. Whether you are building on a Vermont mountaintop, or on the rocky shores of Lake Champlain, we will make sure the products and materials you’ve selected are best suited to the local forces of nature. 

The right colors and textures enhance both the look and feel of your home: they can soothe you, brighten your day, make any room more welcoming. The choice of paint colors and fabrics is part of our package of services. We are experts in complementing the warmth of wood with an interior design that gives life to any space.

Renovations & Additions

Many homeowners love the location of their home, or appreciate the lower environmental impact of a renovation, and opt to improve and expand their current dwelling. We can help tighten up and burnish a traditional New England farmhouse, update your kitchen, give an outdated contemporary a facelift, add a great room, or create the master suite you’ve dreamed of. The right color palette can make a house a home, from the exterior to the interior, colors have the ability to create mood. We take great care to ensure that every renovation or remodeling change is value added, and works in harmony with the existing structures. With these projects our hallmark attention to small details has the opportunity to make the biggest difference. For example: the beauty of exposed wood framework and vaulted ceilings can make even a modest addition feel luxurious.

Site Evaluation

If you are considering purchasing an undeveloped piece of land, or trying to determine how to best site a home on a piece already in your possession, we can help. We have experience finding views for clients they didn’t know existed, and in situating homes to provide optimal shelter from harsh weather. 

Careful consideration at this stage will help insure that the total investment necessary to create your new home is consistent with the final property value once construction is completed. We will make sure you thoroughly investigate the costs and feasibility of everything necessary: healthy water sources, waste management (septic), alternative heating and energy options (if desired), electrical power, a manageable driveway. 

We can provide this fee-based consultation whether or not you intend to use our building services. If you decide to engage us as your general contractors we can oversee every detail, beginning with permitting and site preparation.

Barn Homes

The quality of the hand hewn beams that make up the frames of many old barns could not be replicated today. Harvested from virgin forests that no longer exist, expertly joined by 18th and 19th century artisans, and burnished with a beautiful patina acquired over hundreds of years, these timbers are of a size and character uncommon today – they are a resource that should not be squandered. 

David Anderson Hill, Inc. is proud to be have been on the vanguard of the movement to restore and reuse not only the frame, but also the floorboards, antique sheathing, and slate roofs from these wonderful, often neglected buildings. 

We capture the romance of living in a lofty barn, without the chills and drafts. Structural insulated panels (SIPs) and state of the art mechanical systems, in combination with the handcrafted antique frame make a barn home the ultimate green building choice.

Building Green

Building a new home can, and should, be accomplished with respect for the earth and for future generations. We are well versed on how to make any new home or renovation more environmentally sound. We can guide you through the process of building a certified Energy Star Home. 

Many of the practices we have routinely utilized for decades are elements of the current green-building manifesto: recycling materials whenever possible; keeping the footprint simple; siting a home for maximum solar gain and, in harsh weather, minimal wind and drafts. Reusing artifacts from the past, recycling wood or native slate, and using stone or timber from the building site itself all add character to homes while conserving dwindling resources. 

We are passionate about keeping current in this rapidly developing field, and always finish each home with the most innovative, energy-efficient products compatible with the design aesthetics. 

Construction practices that are gentle on the planet contribute to improved indoor-air quality, and have been found to increase the resale value of any home.

Cottages & Studios

Many of our favorite buildings are the small stand-alone structures such as vacation retreats, guesthouses or artists' studios, which tend to be cozy, inviting and comforting, while using fewer resources and creating a smaller carbon footprint. We can design multipurpose spaces to make smaller buildings versatile, paying attention to proportion and light to create the illusion of added space. Post and beam construction lends itself particularly well to these dwellings.

Independent Timberpeg® Representative

David Anderson Hill Inc is proud to have been selected by Timberpeg® as their exclusive independent representative for the east central Vermont region. Timberpeg® shares our commitment to exceptional building standards. Since 1974 they have been a leader in the creation of authentic timber frame homes, using mortise and tenon joinery and the highest-quality materials available. 

Working in partnership with Timberpeg®, we can offer you a new post and beam home of extraordinary quality and timeless craftsmanship at a matchless value. Every Timberpeg® home we build is fully customized, whether you choose to start with one of Timberpeg’s® standard designs, use your own architect, or have us design your home. Timberpeg® provides an engineered infrastructure, a weather tight shell and insulation, siding, wall and roof systems, exterior windows and doors. We provide the interior details and finish work, as well as the craftspeople to bring it all seamlessly together.